• Shadow resources minister Joel Fitzgibbon

    Shadow resources minister Joel Fitzgibbon says coal generators are no longer viable because they need 40-years of returns. Image credit: screenshot

    Daily briefs: Markets dumped coal, says Fitzgibbon

    By Alexander Liddington-Cox, Tue 2 June 2020

    The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) will weigh up the financial buffers retailers carry against the accounts of large customers as it considers relief on network charges. 

  • ACCC chair Rod Sims

    Australia's top consumer watchdog Rod Sims has reportedly been asked to give his blessing to talks on a consortium energy supply deal to save Victoria's Portland smelter. Image credit: Joel Carrett/AAP

    Daily briefs: ACCC asked about Portland deal

    By Alexander Liddington-Cox, Mon 1 June 2020

    The consumer watchdog could play a hand in the future of Victoria’s Portland aluminium smelter and grid stability.

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  • Post-COAG: Same but different

    Tue 2 June 2020

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared “COAG is no more” but the reality of federation means much of its brains trust will remain.

  • JobMaker: A plan for a plan

    Tue 26 May 2020

    Millions of Australians face a September cliff edge where current government and bank support cuts out but the Morrison government has a plan for a plan.


  • ‘Team Territory’ gunning for NT

    Wed 27 May 2020

    The Green Paper on Operation Rebound maps an NT reboot, backed by a squad of bankers, policymakers, community leaders, retired politicians, and oil and gas executives.

  • IT grows cyber risks

    Mon 25 May 2020

    Technological advancement is leading to greater efficiency, but also increased risks of cyber attacks, the Bank for International Settlements has found.